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JadeBio, Inc., is a contract research organization (CRO) providing comprehensive mass spectrometry based technology services to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and academic organizations. We use our proprietary multi-stage platforms to make life science research and diagnostic development programs more efficient and effective. From biomarker discovery to Testing, our technologies provide greater in-depth, higher sensitivity, reproducibility and multiplexing capability compared to traditional immunoassays.

We specialize in quantification of protein biomarkers in complex matrices such as urine, plasma and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Our proprietary technology uses selective reaction monitoring mass spectrometry (SRM-MS) which allows for high throughput and multiplexing with unmatched specificity over ELISA. Through the use and development of (SRM-MS) our platform utilizes minimal sample quantities and is capable of absolute quantification of hundreds of proteins in a sample.

Our approach provides for rapid and cost effective development of protein quantification assays when compared to traditional immunoassays without any of the associated costs for the development and characterization of antibodies. Development time is typically only a matter of days for a small panel of proteins and up to 2 months for samples in a more challenging matrix.

We offer a portfolio of developed SRM panels of candidate biomarkers for different disease conditions such as neurodegenerative diseases. By using this multiplex assay panel we can detect the presence and the absolute concentration of the protein biomarkers directly from the sample. Our portfolio of SRM panels can be used for: Biomarker discovery, development and verification, companion diagnostic development, patient selection markers and clinical trial monitoring and mode of action studies (MOA).

For new biomarker discovery and development we offer a comprehensive proteomics platform to measure a proteome wide change in thousands of identified proteins and their precisely mapped post-translation modification.

We have also established other technology platforms for applications such as antibody characterization, peptide mapping, and immunoprecipitation etc.

Our co-founders and employees have extensive proteomics experience in industry and academia. We draw upon that expertise to deliver superior service and results. Our company is located in La Jolla, CA, in close proximity to the Biotech Bay, UCSD, and the surrounding research institutes. Our goal is to provide high quality protein quantitation and identification services to our academic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical clients at reasonable cost and fast turn-around time.

Our platforms have a wide variety of potential applications in a variety of fields including those outside of the biological sciences.

Our mass spec platform and MRM panels can be used to discover protein differences that cause diseases in the human body. These can include differences in abundance, amino acid sequences, and post-translational modifications, including phosphorylation. We can also characterize antibodies, map sites and quantitate warhead conjugation, and identify the antibody target.

We also have the ability to analyze a wide variety of tissues, cell-types and fluids, all of which can be used in a drug development pipeline. By analyzing samples at different timepoints, we can use mass spectrometry to determine the half-life of a drug or compound in patients. Metabolic products can also be qualified and quantified. We can also analyze the efficiency of the manufactured product and perform a quality control check.

Food Production and Agriculture
Our mass spectrometry platforms can be used to determine the presence of specific ingredients or allergens in a food product by developing an assay to test for specific proteins (such as peanut proteins or GMO proteins). Our platforms can also be used to determine the presence of toxins or pesticides, and perform other quality control checks.

Using mass spectrometry, we can discover protein differences that confer different traits in crops by looking at differences in abundance, amino acid sequence, and post translational modifications. We can also sequence transgenic proteins, determine their abundance and post-translational modifications and then simultaneously quantitate all proteins expressed by stacked transgenes.

Industrial Biotechnology
Since San Diego is the craft brewing capital of America, it is only appropriate that our platforms can also be used to optimize and perfect the brewing process. We can aid in microbial strain development and have absolute quantification of customer-selected metabolic enzymes as well as optimize the fermentation process and perform a quality control check. Protein characterization is also available, including abundance, amino acid sequence, and post-translational modifications.

Our Machines
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