Selective Reaction Monitoring (SRM)

Biomarker Analysis
Panels of biomarkers from one to one hundred proteins can be quantitatively screened in large numbers of samples. Relative or absolute quantitation can be performed but for large numbers of samples there will need to be at least a few reference proteins with absolute quantitation for normalization purposes. Isotopic tagged reference peptides of the highest quality are used for absolute quantitation.

Protein Quantitation
JadeBio can perform targeted quantitation of proteins from simple or complex mixtures measuring multiple peptides with quick turnaround time utilizing SRM.

Analysis Technology Platform Turnaround Time
SRM Absolute quantification-assay development 1D UPLC-SRM with internal standards 200 proteins/3 months
SRM Absolute quantification-assay 1D UPLC-SRM with internal standards and developed SRM assay 200 to 600 samples/week

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